Attendance Procedure

Starting February 13th we will be contacting home about your child’s attendance.  A phone call and email will be sent out at approximately 11:00 and 2:40 daily.  We ask that parents call in any absences or appointments.

Please remind your child to sign in at the office when leaving or entering the building if during scheduled class time.

If your child is absent for the first block of the day, our system fills in the entire remaining three classes as absent. 

When the student is late and signs in the office, (for example at 9:45) we will ensure the student is no longer marked absent for the second, third and fourth block classes. 

 If there is a discrepancy whether your child was in class or absent, please contact the teacher first (names are on the website; 

We currently have all of your contact information, but if you would prefer us to use a certain number or address, please contact the office.

Attendance is a permanent record on your child’s file, so we feel it important we receive consistent responses from the parent to ensure accuracy.

Please contact the school if you have any questions.