Career and Life Management (CALM) is a 3-credit course which Alberta Education has identified as a Graduation requirement for almost 30 years.  CALM Curriculum

CALM is designed to encourage students to make well-informed, healthy career, resource and personal choices that contribute to the well-being of themselves and others. 

The CALM program at Highwood has the flexibility of online learning while encouraging interaction between students, teachers and a number of guest speakers representing community agencies that are ready and willing to help youth face the world.

Students are guided through career exploration exercises, post-secondary research and job search strategies to help them plan for today and for next steps after High School.

Students are exposed to many of the financial pitfalls that cause much grief to those young and old.

Students are involved in discussions and conversations surrounding the challenges of coping with relationships, sexuality, stress and anxiety; while exploring strategies that might ease these same challenges.

The goal is to give students strategies to help them make healthy choices, while also learning about many resources in the community that exist to help them cope with the challenges of life.


Michael Koehler

CALM Teacher

Highwood High School