Social Studies

The Highwood Social Studies Department for the 2018-19 school year consists of 4 experienced educators.  Our Social Department utilizes a variety of online resources, but this site is specifically to provide you with basic information about Social Studies courses offered at our school.

The main online resource all students will utilize is Google Classroom.  Daily lessons, objectives, and assignments can be found on this site.  Students will "join" the class in the first week of school.  Please ask you student about this online resource, they can show you how it operates.

Our Department  
Ms. C. Finch (French Immersion)  (
Mr. C. Hall  (
Mr. B. Malech  (
Mr. C. Mathieson  (

Tourism 9A

Tourism 9B

Social 9 Programs of Study

Social 10 Programs of Study

Social 20 Programs of Study

Social 30 Programs of Study