Grad 2020

Information for Grads and Families!  
Well, the time has come! We are ready for a fantastic graduation! 
Here is a rundown of all the information you should need to prepare for your ceremony on Friday, June 26 at 11:00 a.m. 
First, here is the link for the YOUTUBE live stream that will happen starting at 10:55 next Friday, June 26. Please share it with any of your family and friends who cannot attend:  



 Please don’t expect to park before 10:35 a.m.  
 Vehicles should arrive via the SOUTH loop entrance and follow instructions
 Remember, you have RSVP’d and can only bring those individuals who you indicated will be joining you. If you make any changes, you must report them to myersl@fsd38.ab.ca PRIOR TO FRIDAY MORNING, as we must keep careful records for Alberta Health Services. 
 Once you arrive at the parking lot, you will be directed where to park by school staff, please follow their instructions respectfully. Larger/taller vehicles will be asked to park further back so as not to block the view of smaller/lower vehicles. 
 Do not leave your vehicle once you arrive. Please wait for instructions from the stage.  
The Event:  • We will aim to start exactly at 11 am. It looks to be a lovely day, so we don’t want families in cars longer than they need to be.  
• There will be some opening remarks and some speeches. The presentation of the certificates is at the END of the ceremony. It is immediately AFTER the VALEDICTORIAN speaks. 

• Attached is a list of graduates. Each column has a group number and a teacher’s name. That teacher will be reading your names and your quotes. 
• There is also a number beside your name – some of the names are crossed off because those students will not be attending, but we will still be reading their names. 
• When your group is called, you will exit your vehicle and proceed to the numbered LOGOS that are painted down the centre of the parking lot (on the attached diagram, it’s a grad cap). Each of those logos will have a number, so stand on yours!! 
• As the names are called, you will move up one number until it’s your turn! 
• When your name is called, go up the stairs, pick up your certificate from the table, and turn to the face the photographer. Once the picture is taken, you can exit down the stairs on the other side.  
• You will return your gown and bib immediately after you leave the stage, and then you must return to your vehicle immediately afterwards. Please don’t expect to take any photographs after you leave the stage area. 
Things to do:  • Decorate your cap! • Decorate your car!  • Be sure your gown is kept neat and tidy. You don’t want to have to iron it! • Be certain all of your school materials and supplies have been returned. • We encourage you all to join us on our escapade through town. Feel free to honk and wave and scream and yell! The map for our tour through town is attached to this handout. 
• Afterwards, please celebrate with your family. We encourage you to support local businesses and stay local. It may be a good idea to make a reservation or order ahead of time at your favourite establishment.   


Call all Classic Car Owners!!