Revised Exam Schedule January 2021

Hello Mustangs!

The exam schedule has been posted to Parent & Student tabs on our website.  You may also click HERE to view exam times for January 2021.  Please read below a message from our Principal Mr. Brandford: 


Good afternoon:

All students at École Secondaire Highwood High School will be participating in final assessments in their Semester 1 Core Courses.  This would include Grade 12 students who opt out of Diploma Exams.  These assessments will occur from January 25th – January 28th.  Your child’s teacher will have shared their specific exam dates for their individual courses.  

Teachers have designed these final assessments, ensuring they are fair measurements for what was taught and considering the unique circumstances of this term.  We want to ensure that your child is successful and has an advantage in competing for scholarship and admission to programs and awards at post-secondary institutions. 

As always, a student’s Final Course Grade will be made up of a percentage of their Final Class Based Mark and a percentage of their Final Assessment Mark. 

The Final Course Grade percentages for Grades 10-12 will be 70% Class Based Mark and 30% based from their Final Assessment Mark. 

The Final Course Mark for Grade 9’s will be 90% Class Basked Mark and 10% from their Final Assessment Mark.  

These percentages are consistent with the Course Outlines that were given to students at the start of this semester, and are also consistent the percentages for final assessments in the past within the Foothills School Division. 

It is important to remember that in the end, Teachers’ professional judgement determines all final grades.  This would mean that if a student demonstrates a level of understanding during the semester but for some reason does not demonstrate that same level of understanding on their final assessment, the teacher may adjust the students Final Course Mark to reflect the difference.

(As per Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting of Student Learning in FSD AP360)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Highwood Admin. Team.

Highwood Admin.